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"Moving on won’t be easy, she realizes, particularly with a fan base that is so invested in hers and Monteith’s love story. Does she think she’ll feel guilty when she gets together with someone new? “I honestly don’t know,” she says slowly. “I’ve only had serious relationships so it’s an adjustment putting myself back into a place of being alone. And I was under a Cory Monteith spell,” she explains. “It’ll take time to readjust my mind and I’m really not wanting to do that right now. I feel like it’s important to make sure that I’m 100% OK before I can get into a relationship. But,” she goes on, and here her voice hardens, “people have to understand that I can’t be alone forever. Cory wouldn’t want that.”"

Lea Michele [Glamour UK, April 2014]  (via littlegleeprincess)


every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags


i came out to attack people and i’m honestly having such a good time right now

Jessie’s Girl (Acapella

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i miss getting party bags at the end of parties why dont we still do that party bags were the best part of the party

It was like a reward for being sociable


My strawberries went through mitosis this morning

Glee Live, London. (x)


Book turnoff: When an author introduces too many characters at once.



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