"And my heart’s too drunk to drive, I should stay away from you tonight.”

Top 10 Reasons Why Lea Michele is a Great Rolemodel for Young Women


So over the last while I’ve seen a lot of people (many who don’t even really know who she is) give Lea a lot of flack and I’m tired of it. So I came up with some reasons why I think Lea is a great rolemodel for young women. Feel free to add to this list and prove the haters wrong.

Reasons Why Lea…

"It’s time we stop obsessing over every minute detail about women in the industry and women in general. Michele more than ever has been under the microscope, scrutinized for every smile, frown, or indifferent look she makes whether she’s shopping at Whole Foods or going for a walk with her friends. It’s obsessive, crazy, and unfair."

Lea Michele seen out and about in Los Angeles (x)

Today was SUCH an incredible day shoot my #OnMyWayMusicVideo! I can’t wait for you guys to see it!!!!! #ONMYWAY

Lea at the set of her music video “On My Way” [x] | Part three

Lea Michele on the set of her new music video ‘On My Way’ in Los Angeles on April 19, 2014

I’ve laughed harder, and cried harder, with Jonathan than I have with anyone else. We’ve been kicked out of Broadway shows for falling into fits of giggles in the audience, and I’ve literally shown up on his doorstep with my heart broken. He always helps put myself together. After one particularly rough episode with a guy, Jonathan wrote me this incredibly nice letter, in which he told me that I would find someone amazing. He was going away on vacation and so he gave me a task to complete while he was gone, since he knew I would miss him like crazy and needed distractions. He instructed me to watch every single Meryl Streep movie while he was gone - and said that there would be a quiz when he returned. (x)

"[T]he story of the episode was the Rachel and Finn story. That was the driving story. It was about learning like, Look, you wanna win so badly that you wanna be a Broadway figure so badly that you’ll turn your back on everything. Then the moment you decide not to, you lose the championship because of it. You don’t make the top 10 because you decided to kiss instead. At the end of the day, even Rachel, who was so determined at winning, is good with it. And Kurt is good with it. Everyone understands that being together is more important than anything else."

—Brad Falchuk, discussing 2x22 New York   x (via showthemwhat)